Monday, March 17, 2008

Ok Guys. Let's Get Really Real.

So the blog is making the rounds all over the universe, and is being met with many a different reaction! Imagine! Me! Stirring the pot!

But seriously, I've been thinking/ranting about this for about two hours now, and I've come to some conclusions that I think I need to get out there:

1. I do edit my thoughts on this blog. Yes, I know that the internet is available to all people and that anyone can read this (hello murderers and thieves!). I'm a very open and emotional person, and I share that in this blog. A lot. I also cry about every day, because of happiness and/or sadness. It's just who I am.

2. This is not just a place for me to talk about myself (although it is that), it's also part of my senior thesis for the ol' university. Yeah, all you GP people will be in it, but I will continue to shield your identities.

3. If you think that I'm sharing too much about you or something about you, tell me! I'll edit it! I will never edit my feelings or thoughts, but if I am making you uncomfortable, I'm never going to figure it out myself, so bribe me and we'll see what we can do! (Kidding. But only about the bribes)

4. I've cried a lot today about a lot of things, but I cried tears of relief and joy when I read an email from someone that I got in response to the blog-shenanigans of the day. I'm going to be EXTRA-covert about identities now, so to that person, thank you so much.

This is all I'm going to talk about right now because my contacts are squealing to get out, and I should probably shower. Or maybe just put on sweatpants. Yeah, sweatpants cure everything.

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