Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Don't Brush My Teeth Anymore

Ok, the title of this post is kind of a fib, because I do brush my teeth. I just do it like two times a week instead of two times a day. In my past life (Pre-GOT) I used to brush sometimes three or four times a day. I'm really into fresh breath.

The point of the above ramblings is that I'm losing my mind. I can't even remember to brush my teeth anymore, until I'm standing in the bathroom and I realize that I haven't opened the cabinet (where the brush is kept) since last Tuesday. I think this lack of dental hygiene could also explain my negative mood of late...

I want to start writing about things that I think are positive more, so that I can focus on happiness, but also so that you all don't think I'm depressive and a danger to myself. For example, today we talked about the global warming campaign, Project Hot Seat. I, for some reason, think this is a better campaign for me than Kleercut. Mainly because we're going into an actual community to try and influence a legislator instead of going to a college campus, but also because I think a different scene could help alter my mood. Plus, I've never been to Arizona, and I think it could be really interesting.

Also, I'm going to post this picture from my recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Mama T. FYI: We had a blast and a half.

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