Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to Our Home

Here are some select shots of our apartment, complete with commentary. The most interesting thing about the place is probably the art. We figure each resident has added something of their own, because the thought of one person being responsible for the collective decorating is too much for Rebecca or me to take.The view of Alabama Street from our apartment. Which is orange, by the way. A picture will be posted soon, I promise.This is my room. The ceilings here are about 12 ft, I'm guessing. (I have 9 ft ceilings at home, and these are taller than that) But the walls in my room are completely beige! Ugh. There is a trio of Southwestern somethings over the dresser, continuing the strange decorating theme that runs through the house.The kitchen, obvs. There was a lot of food here when we moved in, so we're systematically figuring out what is still good and what is too gross to even ask about. I ate some preserves today that weren't poisonous, at least not yet!

For more pictures of the apartment and the strange artwork found within, you can visit my Flickr page at this address (There's also a link on the right side of this page). I'll be posting ALL my pictures here, even though some will be in the blog, so if you're the kind of person who watches DVD featurettes and/or stalks people, then this is right up your alley!

You should really check out the pictures I took of the decor (on Flickr). A piece I believe to be titled "Hey Seuss" is so far my favorite. We also have a Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory bobblehead. Oh YEAH.

I Survived! I Arrived!

I'm here!!

I got in yesterday afternoon, after many delays at both Willard and O'Hare airports. Once my plane landed, though, it was smooth sailing. My bags were the first to pop up in baggage claim, and I managed to lug 80 pounds of luggage to the taxi stand with minimal injuries (sorry about your foot, Sir).

Today Rebecca (roommate) is babysitting her cousins, so I'm on my own to get adjusted/plan some adventures for us. I'm looking into crossing the Bay for a trip to Ikea. After one night sleeping in my new bed, I have realized that the pillow situation is not going to cut it. The walls in my room are also tres depressing, so maybe I could find something to brighten them up a bit.

I'm still in bed now, but I'll probably get up soon and take some pictures of the apartment so you all can see my luxurious crib...

Also, just because I think I'm so witty, here's something you may or may not have noticed (or listened to me tell about for 10 minutes): Did you realize that the logo for this blog was ripped off of the opening credits for Full House? Because they live in San Francisco! And I was raised in the 90s! Har har, I crack me up.(I remember the font being yellow, but apparently Google image search and I do not have shared memories.)