Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Campaign is OVER

The Kleercut campaign in Berkeley is over, and I'm SO glad. It was getting pretty stressful at times, and I never really felt like I could express my true feelings about it. I still don't think I can, actually. I had a "check-in" with one of my coordinators today and I'm not sure I was as completely honest as I prefer to be, and I definitely don't feel satisfied with what I expressed. I just didn't feel like I could truly criticize something that this person had essentially created, but that was what I wanted to do. Still, like it or not, this is basically a job, and my coordinators are my bosses, and if I want to get something out of them I need to keep certain things to myself.

Granted, I do share a lot more than the average bear. I seem to be getting in trouble for this lately, but the thing about being completely open and accepting of who you are is that you don't really care when people trash you for it. But this contradicts the paragraph above, which is my problem.

I just realized that this post is very cryptic and strange, but I think that's because I'm still processing the last two weeks and trying to figure out how I feel about the myriad of situations (both professional and personal) that are happening right now. I just need some time and space to chill and finally see the Project Runway finale and not have to pretend that I believe everything Greenpeace preaches at me.Rant/question of the week:
Tomorrow we're having a "day off" in Muir Woods to celebrate the end of the campaign - but is it really a day off if you're spending it with the people/program that you need a day off from?

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