Sunday, March 2, 2008

To Do: Smoke Less Crack

Did you hear the news? It's March! I don't really know what happened to February, because it went by in such a blur. Once, on the 20-somethingth, I wrote a check and said that it was the 9th. I think that is a good way to express how not-with-it I have been during this whole month.

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm back in the ol' apartment after a week in Berkeley. We have to go back (and back to work) tonight, but I'm pretending like we don't and instead I can sleep and watch Project Runway and eat cheese until the end of time. Anyway, to follow in this theme of brainless vegging, I'm going to do an itemized post of all the non-Greenpeace things going on in my life.

1. On Tuesday in the hotel room, I was about to put on moisturizer/sunscreen when I realized that it was all the way across the room. Kate's Olay NONsunscreen was right next to me. I used it and sat outside all day tabling. In turn, the one day in five odd years that I don't wear sunscreen, I get a peeling sunburn on my nose and chest. I was also wearing my Star of David necklace, and now I have a sun-tattoo marking me as a chosen person.Also, this photo was not edited or retouched in any way. I really do look this cracked out today.

2. I have developed a habit of eating approximately one block of Tillamook sharp cheddar a week. I realize that this may be a problem, but I refuse to do anything about it. Cheese has now become the cornerstone of my personal food pyramid.

3. Last night Kate and I went to a party at our friend Travis's friend's apartment. It was completely ridiculous, and I'll probably have to post about it later. Teaser: We met a thug named Dion who had gold grillz (top and bottom), and spent his Saturday night "shooting dice" at the bus stop.

4. It's my grandma's birthday today, so happy birthday Jozia!!! You're 79, but you don't look a day over 70. Also, Kate and I had gelato in your honor and took pictures. They will be posted soon!!!

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