Friday, January 25, 2008

Rainy Days 'Til Monday

It is so biblical here. It has been rain non-stop since yesterday afternoon, and according to the forecast, it's going to be like this all freakin' weekend (and yes, that was a shout out to R. Kelly).

In fact, I was looking at the doppler fortune teller this weekend and it looked like this:I was trying to think of things Rebecca and I could do during our two week adventure before work, and everything was ruined by the massive sheet of rain that is attempting to drown us out of here. No trip to the zoo, no exploratory walks around the city. All we can do is try to stay warm/dry, usually by hanging out on the internet in our apartment. I even thought we could run away to my grandma's, where she could mother us and take us to Target (hi Grandma!), but then I realized it's probably rainy as frak there too, and how would we even get there?

So I don't have any new adventures to tell you about, or any new pictures to post. Unless you want to hear about/see me in sweatpants eating saltine crackers, looking out the window, pouting.

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