Sunday, January 27, 2008

Moving Day!

There were a few problems with our Arkansas St. apartment. One being that there have been six murders in the past 24 days, all of them taking place in our 'hood. Another being that our front door did not have a deadbolt lock. This was uncomfortable for us, but it was very upsetting for the parental units.

Somehow I became very proactive and got us an interview yesterday with a guy in Potrero, and the apartment he was letting was just what I had imagined when I decided to move to SF. It's bright and in a great neighborhood. We can walk to work and Whole Foods! Plus, we can see the city from down the hill, which I'm sure is going to be awesome at night. So basically I made this whole little schedule for us, with viewing the apartment and meeting this guy, and I made all these calls and now we're moving in - just a day later! I was a total grownup! Whodathunk?!

It's kind of stressful to be moving just six days after moving here, but I really think that we'll be super comfortable in our new place. I guess Potrero used to be kind of industrial, but is now becoming more of a community, and the family we're renting from is part of this group of pioneers. More later - wish us luck!

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