Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a Dystopian World

Have you heard?! The apocalypse is so hot right now. So is the Earth! (ba dum dum!) But seriously, guys, the dystopian landscape is really getting a pop culture boost, which I think is in part due to climate change, scare tactics related to climate change, controversy over environmental issues, the economy, and (gasp!) war!

I just realized yesterday that I'm totally getting my apocalyptic pop culture freak on, and I didn't even know it. Which is also more evidence that this new four horsemen around the bend mindset is permeating our culture! Below I've itemized a few things I've been kvetching over:

Battlestar Gallactica: Okay, this show is my obsession. I know you're thinking, "what a nerdbucket!" but give it/me a chance! BSG is the best political drama television has ever seen, and probably has the best female characters since Lisa Turtle or, uh, Sydney Bristow. AND it's about the end of human civilization, complete with sex, drugs, robots, and violence.

Y: The Last Man: Wow, I'm really exposing myself to be a total geekwad. This is a really addictive graphic novel (adapted from a comic book) about a mysterious disease that wipes out every mammal with a Y-chromosone. EXCEPT one man, Yorrick, and his monkey, grammatically named Ampersand. Y: The Last Man is so ripe for women's studies I'm surprised there isn't a seminar devoted to it ... yet. Also, the movie rights have been sold, so remember you heard about it here first! Oh, and go read it so you look cool when Shia La Beouf or whoever is taking on the role of Yorrick and screwing it all up.

Jericho: I got this twice canceled TV show on DVD a few weeks ago. It's not that great - obviously CBS's failed attempt at having their own Lost - but it is about what would happen if there was a massive nuclear terrorist attack on the United States. Hint: Bleak dystopian future! But somehow Skeet Ulrich remains completely sexy, even through nuclear fallout! See? Miracles do happen.

Vampire Weekend
: Ok, this really great band isn't actually related at all to apocalyptic culture. But doesn't a "vampire weekend" sound like something that would really mess up the world? Yeah, I thought so too. Also, they're a great Afro-pop ironic hipster band that is actually good. Go buy their album and thank me later.

Thanks for reading, now go stock your fallout shelter with Pop-Tarts! AAAAHHH!

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Skeet Friend said...

Agreed, Skeet is very sexy!

There is a great fan forum dedicated to Skeet here:

Now that there is no Jericho, if you need your Skeet fix, there is only one place to go!