Thursday, March 20, 2008


I added pictures to my Flickr account, so if you're more of a visual learner, click that little slideshow to the right! There are pictures of me dressed as a tree, adorable sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and, uh, other stuff that I can't remember! Check it out! Now! Go!

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Bridey said...

On a Sunday evening I’m sitting on my sofa reading through your posts and truly admiring your raw and patulous attitude. But by human nature I am left curious about what your true feelings are. You speak of your pleasant times, which most seem to be non GOT related, and your malcontent moments, which seem to be solely within in GOT program. The pieces of the puzzle are easy to place, you; you are truly unhappy in the now of time. And more specifically unhappy with the GOT program as a whole. But I would like to put my word in. I know where you are in time, in age, in stress, and previous trauma, it’s a confusing place and no one on the outside seems to comprehend you perspective (hence frustration). Girl, I have been there and far worse in my own life. I went through 3 years on thinking living was actually hell. But regardless I tried to go through life as normal as could be when it just was working, I was very irritable, frustrated with others, and just overall BITCH. I would scapegoat my best Kristen’s suicide as my reasoning for my behavior. Then I took a step back … and thought WHY? During that moment of epiphany I realized that problem was my own, it had no network ties with aspects of my life and work other than my self. And with that I ran with an idea, a new school of thought. To try my best and check my issues at the door. Of course there’s grey areas. But Sarah I think if your truly want to be within the program (your blog still makes my curious) what you need to do is take life inventory checking off issues that and this place and time are irrelevant. Think going through and figuring out what should be discussed and probably resolved. Just these two things will hopefully find you in a lighter place. Going back to the issues you feel that should be discussed I really think you should bring them into the group. Versus another post. I guarantee it will yield and great( an possibly awkward) conversation but ultimately so you can be reminded of why you are here. You and young, intelligent and powerful individual and you add to so much to the group when we work together and you put your heart in to it. But sometimes the heart isn’t there so things don’t seem right. And when that happens I want you to know I’m here for you I will always sit down and help you figure sh*t out no matter how mundane it truly could be. In termination of my ranting and rambling I want to give one piece of advice compliments to Capt. Ahab “My story has been written thousand years before- don’t bother to rewrite it no matter what happens I still enjoy the ending” so which ever choice you make don’t worry you will make the right choice my dear.