Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obligatory Apartment Post!

We have now officially moved. Well, we moved a week ago, but there have been many events between now and then that have kept me from informing you all on the new digs. Now we're on Potrero Hill, which was originally settled by Slovenians - there's a museum and everything. Sadly, that is neither here nor there, so let's get to the good stuff!

Our home sweet home is delightful. We live below our landlord, a nice guy with two adorable daughters and a dog that I promise you looks more like a bear. Chris (landlord) also has a wife, whom we have never met, but we have asked two different women if they are Mrs. Landlord. One was the dog walker, and one was the nanny. Whoops.

We are also near a lot of cute little businesses along 18th St, and not too far from a Starbucks and a Whole Foods. On the subject of Whole Foods, can I just mention that our neighborhood WF is the largest in the city, and has a spa in the middle of it. It also has a "bistro" and a gelato bar. It is also, clearly, ridiculous.

Here's the view down our street:Nice, right?! And in case you don't stalk on Google Maps Street View like I do, here's our house:Our door is down some stairs behind that little gate on the left. The house is not only on a street-hill, but also a lot-hill (uh, like parallel and perpendicular, in this photo), so although at the front of the house we are under the sidewalk, in the back we're actually on the second level, and have sweet porch. Also, my room is under that bay window. Say hello. Actually, here's the view from my room:Sexy, right? Oh, and here's my rooms:I know what you're thinking, and yes, it is Ikea-licious. We also have another bedroom, a bathroom, a living/dining room (with cable TV praise Allah), and a kitchen. A kitchen that apparently has one of those "old" dishwashers that you have to pull out of the wall and attach to the sink to wash the dishes. I had no idea that this type of contraption even existed. It's like that time in a class when we were learning about Hi-Fis and the professor was deeply disturbed that no one in the class knew what a Hi-Fi was. The decor is not as random and entertaining as our old place, but we do have a picture of a woman's thighs decorating our bathroom:Oh yeah.

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