Monday, February 4, 2008

In Which I Fall in a Heap

First day of work. Long day. So tired.

Last night Kate came in around midnight, having missed her connecting flight and having to stay in Houston, where the airport features a statue of George Bush. Rebecca and I stayed up to help her get settled, etc, and I think I went to bed around 2. I woke up around 7:30, even though my alarm was set to go off at 8. We went to work at 9, and were done around 5:30. Sadly for us, though, we really needed groceries, so we walked to Whole Foods to pick up some stuff. This was also kind of hectic as we were piling four people's groceries in one collective cart. Okay for shopping, NOT okay for checking out. But I did get to use my ID to buy beer. Related story: The guy spent a long time looking at my ID, and I was actually getting kind of nervous, but then I realized it was a real ID and I was like, "Whoa, old habits die hard, eh?" He may have thought it was fake (Illinois ID in California = suspicious?), but whatever, he sold it to me anyway.

So we got our foodstuffs and dragged it all up the hill, and we all immediately got in our sweatpants and ate dinner. We were all completely exhausted and zombie-like, it was kind of sad. But we ate and our friendly landlord came down to look at our kitchen drain (which is completely backed up, oy). Oh! And we had to make brownies because tomorrow is potluck lunch at work! Talk about stressful! Plus, like half the people in Greenpeace are vegetarian or vegan or just picky or snobby, so we were kind of afraid to make anything. Brownies are kind of safe, we hope.

And on that note, we're going on a retreat this weekend, and today we had to say if we were vegetarian or vegan so that they could get food, and I said I was veggie, but that I was lactose-intolerant. The coordinators were then like, "oh, so you're vegan then." To which I said, "No. I'm lactose-intolerant." They kept being like, "It's the same thing," and I'm all, "Noooo, Dr. Spock, it is NOT." Whatever. I shall now be keeping my stomach status to myself.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm not dead, just dead tired. More later!

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