Thursday, January 17, 2008

T-Minus 3 Days!

If you're reading this, you probably know what you and I are getting into. But, in case your lust for details demands it, here is some more info on what I'm doing in San Francisco:

Greenpeace Organizing Term (GOT)
This is the program I'm a part of. It's incredibly exclusive and you have to take an awesomeness test just to get an interview. Okay, so that's a lie.

Truth is, we're going to be getting training from Greenpeace about how to lobby congress, create campaigns, and do other stuff that I (as of yet) don't know about. We're also going to be doing quite a bit of traveling to locations that are (as of yet) secret. Another truth? I hate secrets. I'm trying to get past this aspect of an otherwise rad looking program, but we'll see how long I can stand being kept in the dark.

Here is a link to the GOT page, which I think is kind of hard to navigate. If you look on the left there are some links and stuff that can give you more info, if you're so inclined. Hey, you could even apply to be a part of the next GOT!

As for School...
I'm doing an "Overseas Government Internship" for 6 units of political science credit. This constitutes writing a journal, reading some stuff, and turning in a paper at the end of the semester. As of now my paper topic is the effect grassroots campaigns have on grand political themes/policies.

Also, while we're having coffee talk, can I just say, "My Overseas Government Internship is neither overseas, nor a government internship. Discuss."

For gender and women's studies, I'm doing an independent study on the ecofeminist movement, which will also result in a paper. Woo hoo!

Anyway, sit back, relax and live vicariously through my adventures!

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