Sunday, February 17, 2008

Toursity Tourism

Last weekend the 'mates and I went to Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf/the beach, and this weekend we traipsed around Fillmore and the Financial District. We're finally starting to get around to really seeing the city, as opposed to looking at the lights from the top of our hill. The thing that stands out from all our trips, though, have been the bus rides. I liked riding the bus before, but in San Francisco, there is really no telling what will happen on the bus. Kate saw someone get arrested and dragged off the bus, we both met a man who asked if I was Chicana and told Kate that her feet look like hands, and today we rode from Fillmore to Potrero with a woman who yelled, on the bus "I sell dope!" She wasn't lying too, because I saw her make a swap with this other guy and then talk about how the police are following her, trying to jack her product.

None of these pictures are from the bus, but they are from some of our toursity adventures of the past week or so.As always, more photos available on the ol' Flickr account!

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